Andrada City


We allow multiple ways for you to join and play on our server.

Connect Link

On the Home Page, you can find a connect button, that will redirect you to a FiveM Client Lunch Website

Using Server IP

Open Your FiveM Clinet, Pess F8 and copy & run the following command



Simply lunch the app, navigate to the FiveM section and click on play

We provide active support, you can contact us using multiple ways

Andrada City

In the City Command Console Simply Type /report and a report tabled will be opened
You can chat with our support team live!

Andrada Player Portal

Create an account by logging in with your steam account, navigating to the Ticket Section, and opening a ticket.
You can chat with the support team on the website, and get notifications via your mail if configured.

Discord Server

Join our Discord Server and chat with us, about anything you need.
Use our bot in the dedicated ticket section to open a support ticket.

Guided Server

Join our Guided Server and chat with us, about anything you need.
Use the dedicated support forums in the applications section on the fivem group within the guild.

We Are Hiring!

Join our world-class team of remarkable people making the best gaming servers possible.

For More Information Check Out The IMS - Jobs Website

About IMS - Network

The IMS-Network is a gaming community that strives to elevate the gaming experience in Israel. Our community is centered around the FiveM Andrada City Player Portal, and we are dedicated to providing a top-tier gaming environment.

Our mission is to cultivate and sustain an exceptional gaming community, and our team works tirelessly to ensure our commitment to this mission. We offer a diverse selection of games that are of the highest quality and safety standards, and our passion for gaming fuels our drive to create an unparalleled gaming experience.